Take Your Senses on a Stimulating Tour With Historical Attractions of Dhaka


We truly understand that you are one of the ardent rovers who can't sustain without hopping from one location to another. You must be a globe trotter who takes a deep sense of pride in travelling as covering various places is certainly not a cakewalk. It requires time and effort. So, what have you decided? Where would you head to for an unspoiled holiday?
You perhaps have covered most of the exciting destinations by now and taken a plunge into a wealth of its appealing spots that were worth paying a visit to. How about visiting one of the Asian countries? Have you ever deemed taking up a vacation in Bangladesh?
Bangladesh is the country in the Asian continent where you would not find much tourists hailing from other countries. It is the country that even foreigners find pretty hard to locate on a map and it's the place foreigners are treated with respect and courtesy.
Let's take a journey together to the country's capital, shall we?
Dhaka - Recognized as the capital of Bangladesh the world over, Dhaka is of the prime cities of South Asia. The city is known to have attracted so many tourists from far and within the country. It is purely steeped in the historical tales that yet live to expose the varied facets. History buffs would love to add the classic tales to their savvy as they tend to get acquainted with the historical forts and monuments. You can book flights to Dhaka if you want to soak yourself in the times gone by which truly exist in the city.
Located on the banks of Buriganga River, Dhaka is known as the "city of mosques." It may hit you as a surprise that the capital of Bangladesh is well-known as the producer of the finest "muslin" on the planet. Nothing can deny the fact that Dhaka is the centre of commercial, cultural, political and industrial activities of the country.
You can visit some of the below mentioned highlights that are truly remarkable:
» Lalbagh Fort
» 1857 Memorial
» Baitul Mukarram Mosque
» National Zoo
» Central Shahid Minar
Dhaka was founded way back in 1608 AD and was known as Jahangir Nagar when one of the great Mughal Emperors, Jahangir was in extreme supremacy. The city has been under the influence of various emperors who erected historical attractions during the times of yore. Take cheap flights to Dhaka from Manchester and feel the verve of the city.


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