Take Your Senses on a Stimulating Tour With Historical Attractions of Dhaka


We truly understand that you are one of the ardent rovers who can't sustain without hopping from one location to another. You must be a globe trotter who takes a deep sense of pride in travelling as covering various places is certainly not a cakewalk. It requires time and effort. So, what have you decided? Where would you head to for an unspoiled holiday?
You perhaps have covered most of the exciting destinations by now and taken a plunge into a wealth of its appealing spots that were worth paying a visit to. How about visiting one of the Asian countries? Have you ever deemed taking up a vacation in Bangladesh?
Bangladesh is the country in the Asian continent where you would not find much tourists hailing from other countries. It is the country that even foreigners find pretty hard to locate on a map and it's the place foreigners are treated with respect and courtesy.
Let's take a journey together to the country's capital, shall we?
Dhaka - Recognized as the capital of Bangladesh the world over, Dhaka is of the prime cities of South Asia. The city is known to have attracted so many tourists from far and within the country. It is purely steeped in the historical tales that yet live to expose the varied facets. History buffs would love to add the classic tales to their savvy as they tend to get acquainted with the historical forts and monuments. You can book flights to Dhaka if you want to soak yourself in the times gone by which truly exist in the city.
Located on the banks of Buriganga River, Dhaka is known as the "city of mosques." It may hit you as a surprise that the capital of Bangladesh is well-known as the producer of the finest "muslin" on the planet. Nothing can deny the fact that Dhaka is the centre of commercial, cultural, political and industrial activities of the country.
You can visit some of the below mentioned highlights that are truly remarkable:
» Lalbagh Fort
» 1857 Memorial
» Baitul Mukarram Mosque
» National Zoo
» Central Shahid Minar
Dhaka was founded way back in 1608 AD and was known as Jahangir Nagar when one of the great Mughal Emperors, Jahangir was in extreme supremacy. The city has been under the influence of various emperors who erected historical attractions during the times of yore. Take cheap flights to Dhaka from Manchester and feel the verve of the city.

Kaminey Movie Review


Kaminey Plot
Kaminey kicks off with Charlie, a henchman for three Bengali brothers who fix races, explaining how this world has gone from bad to worse. It's the same story that we have heard a million times but Charlie's lisp makes it interesting!
Charlie has lost big money as the jockey double crossed them. Following up on the jockey's lead about the man who paid him, Charlie runs off with his money and all the freebies in the hotel room where he confronts the man.
On the run Charlie unknowingly bumps into two corrupt narcotics cops and takes off in their car. As soon as he realizes the truth he hurriedly starts cleaning off his marks and while doing so notices a guitar case. Curiosity gets the better of him and he finds cocaine worth crores in the guitar case. He wants to walk away but then he knows this is his chance to move from the fhotcut of life to the chota fothcut. He gets in touch with his best friend, Mikhail, to help him move the coke.
In a parallel universe Guddu's life has taken a drastic turn with his girlfriend telling him that she is pregnant. She wants to abort, Guddu isn't too keen on that but then Guddu isn't too keen on marrying her as well for this would disrupt his planned out life.
Sweety finally tells him that she is Bhope's sister and her two bit-of-local-goon-aspiring politician brother would kill him. That pretty much decides it for him.
Tashi, the Goa based drug czar gives the two cops a few hours to deliver the coke which has to be passed on to some African dealer. The cops catch Guddu thinking him to be Charlie while Bhope kills Mikhail and nabs Charlie to get to his twin.
The cops and Bhope broke a deal wherein they switch the brothers. Charlie kills the cops and tells Tashi to pay up while Guddu decides to pay off Bhope with the cocaine to fuel his political ambitions in order to live in peace with Sweety. The brothers once again come face to face and confront secrets of their past that Charlie wants to forget.
The film steps on the gas to reach a thrilling climax! Shahid Kapur's double take--the lisping Charlie and the stuttering Guddu--is the main stay of the film and is matched step for step by Priyanka Chopra's spoilt Sweety.
Final Verdict on Kaminey
The entire cast stands up and delivers especially Chandan Roy Sanyal as Mikhail. Written and directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, Kaminey has some excellent scenes like the cops forcing a stuttering Guddu to sing and spill the beans on his brother or the one where Charlie interrogates the jockey as the three Bengali brothers fire bullets while testing some weapons.
One of the better films to come out in ages, Vishal Bhardwaj's take on Mumbai's very gray underbelly replete with a whole bunch of quirky characters and crazy situations is a roller coaster ride on the wild fide. Don't miss this one for the world!
Kaminey Rating: 4½ out of 5
Kaminey Cast: Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapoor, Amol Gupte
Kaminey Genre: Drama / Action
Kaminey Director: Vishal Bhardwaj
Kaminey Producer: Rekha Bhardwaj, Ronnie Screwvala
Kaminey Music Director: Vishal Bhardwaj

Pakistan Cricket Team Captain and His Double Talk Post World Cup 2011 Semi-Final


A very gracious Shahid Afridi not only kept his cool for a better part of the semifinal clash with India in the recently concluded ICC Cricket World Cup but was a beacon of cordiality when he congratulated the Indian Eleven for outplaying them. Even after he landed in Pakistan he was calm and requested his nation to look forward from the great experience his young team garnered in its World Cup campaign. So, what happened in a matter of hours when he gleefully confessed to a lady reporter that his team suffered at the negativity spewed by the Indian media and the malevolence of Indian players is what makes them greater sportsmen?
Needless to say Afridi's interview triggered off a domino effect across India. From social media networks, to mainstream newspapers and television news debates just about everyone was more shocked than surprised at Afridi's two-faced statements. Was he being a sore loser or was there something else to his outburst? We have said in the past that there was immense strain on the two neighbors when they clashed at Mohali but from the looks of it one thing was clear--the team that lost was the first to crack under pressure. But the fact of the matter remains that had India lost the match the emotions of the Indian fan would have compelled them to do crazy things but the eleven Indian players who played the match wouldn't have resorted to the two lines that Afridi towed.
Afridi later told an Indian news channel during a live interview that he has been 'quoted out of context', which is the oft repeated answer to squirm out of any tight spot. The first time around he blasted Pakistani media for making every clash with India a matter of national pride, a war of sorts while the truth is that Pakistan loves all things Indians right from films to songs to television soaps and the second time around he said that Indian media is negative and Indian players aren't as large-hearted as they were.
Both these interviews are out there and Afridi can see them a million times like he told the Indian news anchor that he'd like to see the videos again to see what he said but the truth is as simple as this--he's damned if he speaks and damned if he doesn't.
There has been great criticism of the manner in which Pakistan played against India and perhaps with the passage of time relevant questions would have haunted Afridi and other senior players like Younis Khan. So could this be Afridi's ploy to ensure that everyone gets busy with his tirade and forgets asking him about the lives they showered on Sachin Tendulkar, his decision to delay the batting power or bat so low down the other that it felt like he wasn't even playing. With the Indian Premier League (IPL) kicking off in a matter of days no one in India would be interested how this issue progresses and perhaps that is what Afridi would be aiming for. One look at how India outplayed Australia, Pakistan and then Sri Lanka in order to become the World Champions and no one in the right mind would question Afridi and his team irrespective of the bizarre tactics employed by them during the semifinal.
The thing with Pakistan when they play India is that ever since the frenzied six that Javed Miandad smashed off Chetan Sharma's last ball in the final of the Australasia Cup in 1986 at Sharjah, everyone's hoping for a miracle. In the last 19 years India and Pakistan have squared off five times in World Cup matches and with each victory the memory of that six fades away. Match fixing, substance abuse and a bunch of other blemishes have marred Pakistan's image in the world of cricket. Can you imagine any Indian Minister 'warning' the team of match fixing hours before their biggest challenge? It's true that they have more prodigious talent than India but somewhere the Indian system, flawed as it may be imparts a greater sense of professionalism unto its players that transforms them into better players.
Even if Afridi had not said what he said things would have been fine. This Shahid Afridi double talk is nothing more than lip service for a nation that is bereft of things to look forward to; this is a desperate ploy on a talented cricketer's part to divert the attention of his countrymen till they ignore him once they start rooting for Indian city based teams in IPL!

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